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Air Conditioning Repair & Installation in Plant City, FL

In Florida, an operating air conditioner is an absolute must-have most of the year. If your home is hot and humid, it’s time to call in the experts at All American Home Services. Whether your AC leaks, blows out hot air, or makes loud, unusual noises, the trained technicians at All American Home Services are ready to help it get back to working smoothly.

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Emergency Air Conditioner Repairs in Plant City

Air conditioners are a Plant City resident’s best friend. Florida’s sunny days and high temperatures can be overwhelming, so your AC should always be there to keep your home cool and comfortable. When something goes wrong, your home can quickly become unbearable. That’s why we offer emergency HVAC services at All American Home Services. We want to ensure that your home is a respite from the outdoors, so we’ll send someone out any time of the day, any day of the year, to get your system fixed. Even if it’s a weekend, a holiday, or the middle of the night, our technicians are available to help.

Another type of emergency that the people of Plant City are familiar with is the hurricane season. From June 1 until the end of November, the heavy rains and winds that come with a tropical storm or hurricane can wreak havoc on your HVAC systems. If a storm causes your system to shut down, we’ll be there to get it up and running again.

Call All American Home Services at 813-486-4038 as soon as you suspect an AC problem. We’ll send one of our skilled technicians out shortly to fix your problem quickly and efficiently.

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair Now

Has your air conditioner stopped working? You can trust All American to diagnose and repair your AC no matter the time or day! We’ve got you covered 24/7. Here are some of our most common AC issues we see and repair:

  • The air conditioner is blowing hot air
  • Your AC won’t turn on or won’t stay on
  • Your energy bills increased unexpectedly.
  • The AC is short-cycling.
  • The air conditioner unit makes unusual noises.
  • The AC unit freezes up or ices over.
  • There is leaking fluid coming from the air conditioner.

Your friendly All American Home Services technician will conduct an inspection to determine why your AC is malfunctioning. Once we’ve pinpointed the problem, we’ll provide a repair estimate.


Replace Your Old, Inefficient Air Conditioner With AC Installation

Is your air conditioner older than 10 years? If your AC is a decade old and no longer working at its peak performance, it’s time to get a replacement! Making the switch to a new air conditioner may be the ticket to keeping your home cool and your utility bills low.

There are many benefits to upgrading your air conditioner, such as:

  • Reliability: More reliable cooling in hot and humid weather
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Lower energy bills with a more efficient unit
  • Dependability: Fewer repairs and lower repair costs
  • Better Operation: Whisper-quiet air conditioning options available
  • Custom Build: Tailor your cooling system to your unique needs

When you choose All American for air conditioning installation in plant city, we will be there for you through the entire process.

For AC replacements and installations, we:

  1. Determine what size air conditioner is best for your home
  2. Choose an air conditioner brand and model that meets your comfort needs
  3. Install your new AC unit
  4. Remove and haul away your old AC unit

Ready to call the team of air conditioning experts here at All American for a new air conditioner? Call us at 813-486-4038 to schedule an estimate!

Keep Your Air Conditioner in Good Shape With AC Maintenance

Scheduling an annual AC tune-up keeps your air conditioner in top condition. Regular AC maintenance ensures your air conditioner runs properly and performs at its peak. Plus, an AC tune-up lets us inspect any issues with the unit that need to be addressed before they lead to larger (and more costly) repairs.

The benefits of regular air conditioner maintenance include:

  • Protecting your investment in a new air conditioner
  • Extending the functional life of your AC
  • Keeping your AC performing at its peak
  • Maximizing energy efficiency for lower energy costs
  • Saving on AC repairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an AC compressor be repaired?

Unfortunately, a broken AC compressor is one of the most painful AC diagnoses. Repairing an air compressor is a notoriously time-consuming project. Replacing an AC compressor can be costly, too. The good news is you might not have to replace the compressor. You may have a wiring problem, a faulty capacitor, or another part damage. On the other hand, you may have more serious compressor damage that will need replacement.

Your All American Home Services technician will explain what’s causing your AC problems and what your repair options are.

Can a leaking AC coil be repaired?

Your air conditioner’s evaporator coil is located inside your HVAC system’s indoor unit and plays a key role in removing heat from your home. If your evaporator is leaking refrigerant, your home may take a long time to cool or may not get cool at all.

An evaporator coil generally can’t be repaired. Typically, the fix is to replace the evaporator coil. In some cases, you may need to replace your air handler altogether. Ask your All American Home Services technician to explain your AC evaporator coil replacement options.

Can an AC condenser be repaired?

A leaking AC condenser typically means you’ll need to replace your air conditioning unit. Most AC condenser leaks can’t be repaired — there are seals and condenser tubes that simply can’t be replaced.

In other cases, though, AC condenser repair may be possible. A faulty motor or capacitor can be replaced. A condenser relay switch can be swapped out. A dirty condenser can be cleaned. Your All American Home Services technician will explain your AC condenser repair options.

Why Choose All American Home Services?

We take pride in delivering AC repair, replacement, maintenance, and installation services in Plant City that are always:

  • Prompt – We promise a timely response and work that is done professionally and efficiently.
  • Skilled and certified – We take certification and experience seriously, and we stay at the forefront of our industry, focusing on continuous training.
  • Helpful – Other HVAC companies try to steer you toward a certain product or brand; we work with you to find the best HVAC solution for you.
  • Convenient – We accommodate your schedule to get your home back to the cool comfort level you enjoy.
  • Friendly – We’re your neighbors, too! We treat your home just as we would our own, and you’ll see the care from our initial visit through the completed project.

We’d love to talk to you! Call 813-486-4038 to schedule AC service in Plant City today!



Why Choose All American?

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Had some issues at 9pm with my ac acting weird and this company had someone out in less then 30 minutes and it was a simple fix ! Great company , great workers and fast service.

– Charlene Knight

Technicians and staff are well trained, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I'm very happy with services they provided. Always my first call.

– Russy Persad

We had questions concerning our AC unit and the tech came out and checked everything and answered all the questions we had. We called early in the day and got service the same day. Will be using them again in the future.

– Raylin C.

Great people. Very informative. Would definitely recommend and use this company again!

– Nicole Epps

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