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Air Conditioner Noises

Tampa Homeowner’s Guide to a Clanking, Buzzing, or Whistling AC System

Strange AC noises can be caused by all sorts of things: a worn fan belt, a damaged part, debris in the unit, an electrical problem, and more.

What does it mean when your AC is making an unusual noise? Are AC repairs definitely in your future? We’ll explore those questions and more in this guide for homeowners.

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Common air conditioner noises include:

  • AC is whistling
  • AC is whirring
  • AC is humming
  • AC is squealing
  • AC is clicking
  • AC is buzzing
  • AC is banging

Some AC noises are normal, but unfortunately, some mean you may need AC repairs. Here’s what causes some of the most common AC noises and how to fix them.

AC Is Whistling

A high-pitched whistling sound usually means your air conditioner isn’t getting enough airflow through the return vents. Your AC blower needs air – when it’s not getting enough, it has to work harder to pull air in, and it’s pulling that air in at a high velocity.

Some of the most common causes of AC whistling noises include:

  • Dirty air filters
  • Blockages in the ductwork
  • Blocked air supply vents
  • Blocked air return vents
  • Doors are closed throughout your home

Try opening your doors and return vents to see if the whistling stops. Next, check for obstructions in front of supply vents and change your air filters. If these steps don’t stop your AC whistling, call us, and we’ll send a technician out.

AC Is Whirring

A whirring air conditioner may have mechanical problems, something an AC technician can confirm with a simple inspection. The most common cause of a whirring AC is a faulty blower motor. Worn-out belts can also be a cause. On the other hand, you could just have debris in a fan unit.

The best way to stop AC whirring noises is to schedule a service call and have your technician inspect your AC system. Fan belts can be replaced pretty easily. If your blower motor is failing or has bad bearings, you’ll want to get it repaired or replaced before it burns out.

AC Is Humming

Humming noises aren’t always a major cause for concern. Some of the most common causes of a humming air conditioner are loose parts. However, you could also have an electrical problem or a motor starting to fail. While most humming noises are minor issues, minor repairs should be made to prevent a small issue from causing more serious damage.

AC Is Squealing

If your air conditioner is squealing, you probably have a fan motor or indoor blower motor going bad. A malfunctioning blower wheel will make an unpleasant squealing noise. Your AC technician may ask you a few questions to diagnose the problem:

  • Is the squealing AC noise new, or has it always made that noise?
  • Is the squeal constant or intermittent?
  • Does the AC squeal every time it runs?
  • Does the squeal happen when the AC is starting up or after it has been running?

Call us if you’d like a technician to perform an AC diagnostic in Southeast Tampa.

AC Is Clicking

The most common explanation for a clicking air conditioner is electrical. Your AC system will make clicking noises at start-up and shutdown; it’s a normal part of your air conditioner’s operation. On the other hand, constant clicking may signal that an electrical control or another component is defective.

Another common cause of a clicking AC is debris in the outside unit. As the fan blade spins, it can make contact with leaves, twigs, and other debris stuck in the grille.

AC Is Buzzing

If your air conditioner is buzzing, you could have an off-balance fan, debris in the indoor or outdoor unit, or a loose part. You could also have a fan motor going bad or a blower motor about to fail. The best way to diagnose a buzzing air conditioner is to have a technician inspect your AC system.

AC Is Banging

There aren’t a lot of good reasons for an air conditioner to make banging or clanking noises. You probably have a loose part inside the AC compressor. Pistons, rods, and crankshafts will clank around if they’ve broken or come loose. Unfortunately, they can cause further damage if you leave your AC running without fixing the problem.

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