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Thermostat Services in Tampa, FL

You need to maintain your HVAC system to get the most out of your heating and air conditioning, but having the right thermostat is also essential. Your thermostat is the command center sending orders to keep your home comfortable. At All American Home Services, our expert technicians offer thermostat installations and replacements with products from top brands.

If you suspect your thermostat isn’t quite up to the job or you would like to upgrade, call All American Home Services at 813-486-4038 or contact us online!

Digital Thermostat with a male hand, set to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Saved with clipping path for thermostat and hand combined.

Digital Thermostat Services in Tampa, FL

These days, many HVAC systems use digital thermostats, which offer programming options and precise temperature control. You can also get smart thermostats that can be controlled with a phone app. Not only is this convenient, but a smart thermostat can also learn your behavior and automatically adjust, saving energy and money. All American Home Services can repair your digital thermostat or replace your manual thermostat with something new.

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Smart & Wi-Fi-Enabled Thermostats

A smart thermostat connected to your home network allows unparalleled control over your comfort. You can dramatically cut energy consumption over time with the correct settings without enduring uncomfortable temperatures. Let your home sit warm through the day while you’re at work and the kids are at school, then adjust to a comfortable temperature shortly before you get home.

  • Feeling a bit hot at night and don’t want to make the trip to the thermostat? Use the mobile app to take a degree or two off the settings.
  • Wondering if someone is adjusting the thermostat without asking? You’ll know in no time with ready access to the temperature readout wherever you may be.
  • Worried about pets left at home during record-breaking highs or chilly lows? You can keep track of that, too!
  • Want to build a smart profile to control your home’s temperature for maximum comfort and savings? Let an advanced smart thermostat figure it all out for you!

A great thermostat can transform the way you use your HVAC systems. Don’t endure unreliable and inconvenient dumb thermostats through another summer.

Contact All American Home Services online or call 813-486-4038 for more information on smart and Wi-Fi thermostats.

Thermostat Replacement in Tampa, FL

If your thermostat is worn-out, All American Home Services can help. We’ll guide you to the ideal thermostat for your needs and then expertly install it in your home. If you do need a replacement, consider the advantages of upgrading to a smart thermostat:

  • Extends the life span of your HVAC system
  • Easy to set up a temperature schedule
  • More effective and more comfortable heating/cooling distribution
  • Some can cool/heat by zone, so you don’t waste energy on rooms you don’t use
  • Saves money on utilities by being more efficient

Thermostat Repair in Tampa, FL

When thermostats need repair, count on All American Home Services to get your air conditioning or heating running again in no time. Here are some typical thermostat issues a Tampa, FL, homeowner is likely to encounter:

  • The thermostat is nonresponsive: This one is likely a simple fix — just replace the batteries! If that doesn’t work, there may be loose wires, which require professional attention, or your thermostat has died, and you need a replacement.
  • It won’t control the temperature or heats/cools unevenly: When your HVAC system won’t follow your thermostat’s orders, or temperatures vary through the house that isn’t zoned, your thermostat might be tilted, installed where it can’t get a good temperature reading, or in need of cleaning.
  • The AC or heater cycles on and off often or constantly runs: These problems are likely due to an improperly calibrated thermostat or frayed wiring.

If your thermostat is giving you trouble, call All American Home Services at 813-486-4038 or contact us online.

Why Choose All American Home Services?

All American Home Services is proud to offer service excellence and emergency HVAC services throughout Tampa, FL. We are prompt in our responses and work, and our skilled and certified technicians never stop trying to grow and improve. We never try to sell you a cookie-cutter product or service. Instead, we work to find a personalized solution for your problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most manufacturers state that homeowners recoup the money spent on a smart thermostat in about two years, but many can make up the cost throughout one summer or winter.

Yes, and if other appliances or the structure of your house are getting in the way of your thermostat reading the temperature or you easily controlling the unit, it’s probably a good idea to move it!

To find out more about your thermostat options, call All American Home Services at 813-486-4038 or contact us online!



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