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Kitchen & Bathroom Sink Installation in Tampa, FL

A well-maintained sink can last a very long time without problems, but small issues can snowball into worse problems with kitchen sink plumbing. Cracks grow from aesthetic blemishes to sources of leaks, minor leaks turn from irritation to a source of mold and water damage, and slow drains become frequent clogs. By acting quickly to secure the help of the professionals at All American Home Services, you’ll save yourself time, money, and frustration.

To schedule repair or replacement services for your kitchen or bathroom sink in the Tampa area, contact All American today at 813-486-4038 or reach out to us online.

Signs Your Sink Needs Repair or Replacement

Wondering what sorts of problems warrant professional attention? While anything usual or undesirable changing in your kitchen sink probably deserves a look and some maintenance work, there’s a list of warning signs that your sink needs professional repair services — or a replacement, depending on severity and other factors.

  • Leaks: Leaks anywhere should be taken seriously, as they give way to more and worse problems quickly.
  • Decreased volume: If your faucet gives less water than it did before, it could be a pipe problem.
  • Backs up regularly: Regular clogs can be a problem with general plumbing or a problem with a specific sink.
  • Growing cracks: Hairline cracks don’t matter much — unless they’re getting bigger.
  • Rust or mold: Rust of metal components or fixtures is a sign of leaks or other issues, as is mold anywhere nearby.

If you have these problems or have questions about something not listed here, reach out to All American Home Services today to ask about repair services. You can reach us at 813-486-4038 or online at our contact page.

When To Replace Instead of Repair


While many issues with your kitchen sink may be reparable, repair isn’t always the smartest long-term decision. Here are some reasons to consider a new kitchen sink installation over repairing your old one:

  • Planning to sell: Plan to sell your home soon? A new sink is always a great selling point, while having to inform buyers that you’ve had problems with the old one can be a drawback.
  • Frequent problems: If you keep having trouble, replacing your kitchen sink can help you stop needing so many visits.
  • Age: Once a sink gets old enough, the odds of difficult-to-repair problems go up.
  • Cost of repairs too high vs. cost of replacement: If a single repair would cost a significant portion of a full replacement, going for the replacement can make good economic sense.
  • You want a new sink: If your sink isn’t good for how you use it, or you don’t like how it looks, replacing now makes sense even if your repairs would be minor.

Faucet Type Options

Bathroom countertop with black faucet fixturesReplacing your sink opens a window of opportunity to redesign the look of your kitchen. Consider what kind of sink design and faucet option you’d like to have. Faucet types include:

  • Ball Faucets: Typically controlled by one handle on a ball fixture that operates up and down for power and left to right for temperature.
  • Disc Faucets: Also typically controlled by one handle and operate similarly to ball faucets but with less movement. These are the most common faucet types for kitchens.
  • Cartridge Faucets: Controlled by two handles to separately power the hot and cold water.
  • Compression Faucets: The oldest type of faucet, which is controlled by two handles that are frequently round knobs.

Benefits of Having a Plumber Install Your Sink

If you’re comfortable with doing it yourself, you might be considering purchasing a sink and having a go at it — but there are many reasons to entrust this job to a professional, even if you’re confident in your skill with a toolbelt and ability to learn from a YouTube video.

  • Specific expertise: Installing a kitchen sink involves multiple unique challenges with their own skill sets involved: installing the sink itself, plumbing, the work done around the sink, etc.
  • Protection against mistakes: If you mess up installing your sink, you’re out of luck. If a contractor makes a mistake, they have to fix it. It’s simply safer than doing it on your own.
  • Logistics: Often, you’ll end up losing money on acquiring the sink, tools, and everything else you need to install a sink compared to what an established team of professionals would pay.

Why Trust All American Home Services?

All American Home Services delivers top-class plumbing and HVAC services to Tampa-area residents backed by professionalism, excellent customer service, and expert knowledge. When you contact us, expect a prompt response to your request, helpful team members who can answer your questions, and skilled plumbers who get the job done right.

If you’re ready to schedule a visit from the All American team or have questions you’d like to ask, you can reach us online or pick up your phone and call 813-486-4038.



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