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What’s the Best Temperature To Set Your AC When on Vacation?

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Summer’s finally here, the kids are all out of school, and vacation season is in full swing! If you’re planning to take a trip, you have plenty of planning to do, from packing to making reservations. But don’t forget about the air conditioner in your Florida home!

While you’re away, your AC doesn’t need to be on full blast. All that cool air will go to waste as there is no one around to enjoy it. Upping your thermostat will go a long way toward saving you money. Here’s what to consider with your air conditioner before you leave on a vacation:

Setting Your Thermostat

Some people think that they should completely turn off their air conditioner before leaving on vacation. But Florida temperatures can reach sweltering heights, and when combined with the high humidity, it can be damaging to your home to turn the AC off entirely.

Instead, consider setting your temperature to 82 degrees. This is the generally recommended temperature for Floridians when away from their homes. Another option is to go with the 4-degree rule. This means setting your temperature as 4 degrees higher than you would typically leave it on.

Consider the Sun & Your Shades

Have you ever considered the direction your home faces? If you’ve been sitting in your living room only to be blinded by the afternoon sun, you’ll want to remember this before leaving for vacation. If you leave all the blinds and shades open, all this sunlight will heat up your home, forcing your AC to work overtime to keep it appropriately cool. Make sure to close all blinds and shades to keep out as much light as possible.

Don’t Forget About Your Plants!

Are you a proud plant parent? If you’re going away for a long enough time, you likely have someone coming to water your plants. But it’s just as important to ensure you leave them at a comfortable temperature. While setting your thermostat to a higher temperature can save you money, you want to make sure it won’t also kill your plants. Check what temperatures your plants do best at and plan accordingly. Similarly, if your plants need lots of natural sunlight, consider leaving your blinds open on one window and moving your plants in front of that one.

Install a Smart Thermostat

With today’s technology options, setting your home’s temperature is easier than ever before. Many smart thermostats have apps that you can use to set temperatures remotely. If you forgot to change your temperature before leaving on vacation, this option means you can easily set it and then forget it for the rest of your trip.

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