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How To Troubleshoot Your Thermostat

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Your home thermostat is the control center of your heating and cooling system. So, even if every other part of your HVAC system is working flawlessly, a faulty thermostat can cause serious headaches. Fortunately, troubleshooting a thermostat is easy. Consider these tips when you’re dealing with the following thermostat issues:

My Thermostat Won’t Adjust the Temperature

The main function of any thermostat is to allow you to adjust the temperature, telling the heater or air conditioner to run until the temperature is met. Some common reasons your thermostat won’t adjust the temperature include:

  • Lack of power: If your thermostat has no battery left or the electrical connection is lost, you may not be able to make any changes to the temperature. See if the thermostat has power by checking the battery or the wiring.
  • Lock settings: Some thermostats allow you to lock the set temperature until a code is typed into the unit. Look in the settings to see if your thermostat is locked.

My Thermostat Display Doesn’t Show Anything

Thermostats all function a bit differently from one another; some show the display at all times, while others won’t display anything unless touched. A few common reasons your thermostat display may not show include:

  • Low brightness settings: Some thermostats allow for brightness adjustments. See if yours is set to a low brightness in the settings.
  • Damaged display: Over time, your thermostat’s display may become damaged or burned out. You may need to install a new thermostat to have a visible display once again.

My Thermostat Won’t Bring My Home to Temperature

Your HVAC system may struggle to cool or heat your home if you have a faulty thermostat. Some common reasons your thermostat may not bring your home to your desired temperature include:

  • Damaged or dirty sensors: The temperature sensors in your thermostat may not be reading the internal temperature correctly. Carefully brushing dirt and debris off the sensors beneath the thermostat may help, or hiring a professional to replace the sensors may be necessary.
  • Bad location: If your thermostat is located near a heat source or has cool air blowing on it, the temperature reading will be inaccurate. Make sure there’s nothing near the thermostat that could affect the reading.

My Thermostat Is Making AC & Heat Run Simultaneously

At times, you may notice your heater and AC running at the same time. This could be a thermostat issue. A few reasons this may occur include:

  • Auto fan settings: It’s possible that only one system is running while the circulating fan is also running. You can change the auto fan settings to on or off as you prefer.
  • Broken thermostat: Sometimes, a thermostat will simply break down and fail after years of use. This could lead to both systems running at the same time. It may be time to replace your thermostat with the help of a professional.

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