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All American Home Services’ Guide to AC Units to Beat the Tampa Heat


There are a variety of air conditioning systems available to consumers, each with unique benefits and disadvantages, so selecting a new system for your home might be fairly simple … if you live up north, where you don’t use your AC year-round. However, when you live in a hot and humid climate like Tampa, you must consider the fact that some systems will not work properly or efficiently in a high-heat, high-humidity environment, so they will either fail to cool your home or dramatically increase your electricity bills when faced with the heat of a Florida summer.

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All AC Units Are Not Created Equal

You may think, “I should just buy the biggest air conditioner available to stay cool this summer,” but this strategy is a mistake. Sizing an AC unit for your home involves careful considerations and calculations, and an oversized air conditioner can short-cycle, which means it runs for a short period many times throughout the day. This can result in premature wear on the mechanical parts, which leads to breakdowns and expensive repairs. It’s also important to consider efficiency in your air conditioning system. A high-efficiency unit might be more expensive to purchase, but it will pay for itself in utility savings and longevity. You should also consider features like a variable-speed fan or a smart thermostat to increase your system’s efficiency and improve the overall comfort in your home.

AC Systems for Hot and Humid Climates:

  • Carrier Infinity 26 Air Conditioner with Greenspeed Intelligence 24VNA6 – This is one of Carrier’s top-of-the-line units, with advanced humidity control, efficient (up to 26 SEER) variable, intelligent fan control, Bluetooth connectivity, and ultra-quiet operation.
  • Carrier Infinity 20 Air Conditioner with Greenspeed Intelligence 24VNA0 – Recognized as one of the most efficient AC units by Energy Star in 2019, this system offers optimal humidity and temperature control, a variable-speed compressor for efficient (up to 20.5 SEER) cooling, and a patented compressor sound suppressing design.

Why Choose All American Home Services for Your Tampa Bay Home’s AC Needs?

We are proud of our high-quality products and services, and our team is always friendly and courteous, because we’re servicing the community where we live. Our customers are our neighbors and we treat them that way. Our trained and experienced technicians arrive promptly and work efficiently, while cleaning up after themselves as they would in their own homes. Our team isn’t interested in pressuring customers to buy a certain product or brand ― our goal is to work with you to determine the right solution for your specific needs. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have throughout the process, so you feel comfortable making a decision and are thrilled with the results. In the event of an HVAC breakdown in your home, we’re here when you need us: We offer 24/7 emergency repair service to get your home cool and comfortable as quickly as possible.

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