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Energy-Saving Tips for Heating Season

Our summer heat here in Florida doesn’t do any good to keep our homes warm in the winter. If you’re looking to save money on heating costs without compromising comfort, consider these energy-saving tips for Florida winters.

Seal the Heat Inside

Your heating system is already working to protect your home from those chilly overnight lows – don’t let that effort go to waste! Keeping the warm air from leaking out is the best first way to make the most of your energy costs in the winter. Here are some steps you can take to stop air leaks:

  • Weatherstrip your windows and doors
  • Caulk leaks around panes and frames
  • Use a draft stopper on exterior doors

Use the Sun to Your Advantage

While you may be used to hiding from the sun’s scorching rays in the summer months, you can embrace it in the winter to help lower your heating costs. Let the sun warm up your home during the day by leaving the blinds open. Close the blinds at night to insulate from the cold night air.

Don’t Heat What You Don’t Need

If there are rooms in your home that are often unoccupied, close the doors to those rooms. This simple step can help save on energy by lowering the overall square footage you’re heating. As an extra measure, you can even close the vents to these rooms to further prevent warm air from reaching them.

Use Less Heat When You Need Less

For most people, it’s easier to sleep in a slightly cooler room. By lowering your thermostat by even 7 degrees before going to bed, you can save 10% on your overall heating costs. You can rack up even more savings if you also lower your thermostat when you’re away at work. A smart thermostat can help to make these changes automatically, so you never have to think about it.

Maintain Your Heating System

Proper maintenance for your heat pump or furnace doesn’t just extend its life – it also helps your heating system work more efficiently, meaning more heat for less money. Change your filters at least once every 90 days, and schedule a heating tune-up with an HVAC professional at least once a year.

Get Cozy

Home-baked cookies and chunky sweaters may seem like holiday clichés, but they’re popular because they work. Using your oven or stove helps generate extra heat in your kitchen, and dressing in layers can keep you warm without turning up the thermostat.

Stay cozy while saving on energy bills – reach out to All American Home Services today to get a free home heating services quote for your Florida home!



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