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Can My Water Heater Be Repaired or Do I Need To Replace It?

Your water heater works hard to meet your many hot water needs and demands. Regardless of your model, it’ll likely run into an issue. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with signs that an issue is occurring so that a service can be scheduled ASAP. Some water heater problems only need repair, while others require a replacement. Keep reading to learn how to know if a repair is due instead of a complete unit upgrade.

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Water Heater Issues

Unfortunately, issues with any appliance in your home can surface when you least expect them to. If your water heater is malfunctioning, a good rule of thumb is to turn off your unit before troubleshooting.

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair

Not all issues require a replacement! Should you notice any of the below, contact All American Home Services for top-notch water heater repair services:

  • Leaks: Leaks are one of the most common issues water heaters face. They can be caused by various reasons, such as broken valves, damaged plumbing connections, or an overabundance of condensation.
  • Water too hot: If your water is too hot, it’s probably an issue with your unit’s thermostat settings. Having the thermostat recalibrated should solve the problem.
  • Lack of hot water: Inadequate hot water usually indicates an issue with the unit’s thermostat or the heating element; replacing these components will avoid upgrading the unit.
  • Strange sounds: Unusual sounds typically indicate a buildup of sediment. Draining the tank and clearing the residue should do the trick to combat this.
  • Low water pressure: Low water pressure is often caused by a blocked or bent water line, so clearing or correcting the line’s condition should solve the issue.

When It’s Time To Replace Your Water Heater

Sometimes, problems with your water heater are beyond repair. When this happens, it’s essential to schedule a water heater replacement ASAP to ensure you never have to go without it! If any of the following are present, schedule with us today:

  • Tank leaks: While most leaks are fixable, ones resulting from a corroded tank are a telltale sign that your unit needs to be replaced altogether.
  • Rust-colored water or strong odors: If the water from your faucets comes out rust-colored or has an off-putting smell, corrosion is likely occurring within the tank and can only be solved by a replacement.
  • Old age: If your water heater is older than 10 to 12 years and isn’t operating as well as it once was, it’s time to consider an upgrade.
  • High water bills: If your water bills are rising without ceasing, it’s probably time to replace your unit if the cause can’t be determined.
  • No hot water: If you can’t seem to get hot water out of your unit, replacing the unit may be the only plausible solution.

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