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10 Cooling Tips for Tampa Homeowners

Tampa’s hottest season lasts almost five months. When temperatures rise beyond 90, even a premium air conditioner needs a little help. Without insulation, shade, and a few practical tricks, the midday sun is difficult to tolerate. So here are our top 10 tips for keeping your Tampa home cool:

1. First Things First — ACs & Heat Pumps

Air conditioners and heat pumps are right at the top of the list when it comes to midsummer coping tools. Both appliances cool your home, but heat pumps work a little differently. Your AC naturally reduces humidity levels, thereby improving “real feel” temperatures. Heat pumps need a little help. They need to be set in dry mode to achieve the same effect. An Energy-Star® rated appliance will achieve cool temperatures without racking up unaffordable bills.

2. Add Ceiling Fans to the Mix

If you’re short on funds, adding just one degree to your AC thermostat will reduce your energy bills significantly, so your fan and HVAC unit can form a useful partnership. Your fan will create air movement, allowing the cool air to spread. Ceiling fans also diminish humidity and distribute your air conditioner’s cool air more evenly, which could, in turn, bring your utility bills down even more. You can even place a bowl of ice in front of your floor fans to generate chilled air to support your AC’s cooling effects.

3. Insulate Your Home

An uninsulated house lets go of all the cool air your AC or heat pump creates. Peak efficiency can only be achieved with a peak R-value. Collectively, your insulation materials should achieve an R-value of 10 to 30 or more. Heat transfer comes from a wide range of areas, though, so even the thickest insulation materials can achieve little if your home isn’t sealed. Your windows and doors are chief offenders in this area, so it’s best to ask your HVAC specialist to identify your weak spots.

4. Close the Blinds

If your windows don’t block UV radiation, your home will overheat at midday, so it’s best to keep those blinds closed. If you want to make an even stronger difference, blackout drapes will have a dramatic effect on your comfort levels.

5. Shade Your Windows

If you love natural light, closing your blinds may not be an appealing option. You needn’t say goodbye to natural light, though, if you have the right alternatives in place. Solar shades can be custom-made to block harmful rays without darkening your home. Now, all you need to do is seal the gaps around your doors.

6. Dim the Lights

If your AC is in excellent condition but still seems to leave your home warm, your lightbulbs could be partly to blame. Incandescent lightbulbs create temperatures of up to 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit — and that’s not a number to trifle with. LED bulbs will relieve some of the heat, but always make sure you’re not turning on every lightbulb you have.

7. Start Planting

While it certainly takes trees a long time to grow, planting foliage around your house can make a difference in your heat levels. Plant some fast-growing bushes and trees around your house to produce natural shade, keeping the sun from overheating your home.

8. Open Windows at Night

Even at nighttime, Tampa can still get pretty hot. But often, once the sun sets, the outdoor temperatures cool significantly. Let the summer breeze into your home and open up your windows. The air in your home will flow freely, and you can get rid of that stuffy heat from the day. Take this even further by keeping your interior doors open, allowing the air to flow unobstructed throughout your home.

9. Skip the Appliances

If you’re already hot, the last thing you need is to eat an overly hot meal. Instead of turning the oven on to make cookies, turn to your freezer and grab a bowl of ice cream instead. As often as you can, avoid using appliances that produce heat, like your stove or oven. If you really want to enjoy a hot meal, summer is the perfect time for grilling! Crank the heat up outside and keep it out of your home.

10. Add More AC

If you’ve taken all these tips into consideration and still seem to be sweating buckets, consider portable ACs. The easy nature of a portable AC means you can take it with you from room to room, keeping you cool no matter where you are in the house. This also has the benefit of not cranking up your energy costs by making you pay to cool rooms that no one is in.

Keep Cool with All American Home Services

Summer comfort relies on a multipronged strategy that includes several elements of your home, but your AC or heat pump is the core of those efforts. If your air conditioner isn’t keeping you comfortable, it might need a service or repair. All American Home Services will help you to diagnose the problem. Call us for a consultation at 813-486-4038.



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